Providing Tips for Sellers WORLDWIDE – Learn How to Run & Maintain Your Amazon Business in 2022

One of the best ways to make money on Amazon is to learn from other seller’s mistakes.

Here are the tips that Marisol is providing to you, and they’re all great tips. These are all bad practices…

So number one, if you are account is suspended or you lost a listing and you’re sending in a plan of action, don’t keep sending the same plan of action day after day after day.

Give Amazon staff in India, here’s what some of them look like I met dozens of them when I went to India, let them do their job. If you write a great plan of action, if we write a great plan of action for you, you have to give them time to read and to respond. And nobody likes to be peppered with the same emails over and over again.

Number two, do not send repeated Digital Millennium Copyright Act counter-notices to Amazon.

Every time you do that you are the clock. Under the law, Amazon and the seller who made the complaint against you have a finite period of time, and every time you send another notice, you are resetting the clock. So Marisol, great tip. Amazon sellers do not keep sending counter-notices. Send in one, do it properly. If you don’t know what a counter-notice is, search DMCA counter-notice here. You’ll learn all about it.

Tip number three, learn from other people’s mistakes.

Never, ever ignore a temporary restraining order that’s been issued by a court against your account. Why? Well, if you ignore the TRO, whatever company started that lawsuit is going to get a default against you, and that means you lose the lawsuit automatically. And we generally see judges award anywhere from 75 to $150,000 against you all the way up to like 6, 7, $800,000. So never ignore a TRO against your account. You have to respond to that lawsuit. I handle those cases. Leslie, our managing attorney in our litigation department, handles those cases. So if you get a TRO, contact us, we’ll guide you through it.

And here is a bonus tip from Marisol, don’t falter your invoices.

There are a lot of sellers who think they could change invoices using Photoshop that Amazon picks up on. If you need to get new invoices, go back to your source and be like, hey, I have a problem with Amazon. I need a new invoice. And that it’s better than altering it and risking Amazon identifying the changes to your invoice.

If you have any questions about running an Amazon business in 2022: