AMZ Seller News 3/6/20 with CJ Rosenbaum: Inventory Control on AMAZON & Alternative Countries to Source Products

Amazon sellers, I’m shooting this from my hotel room in awesome New Orleans from The Travel Goods Show and what you need to know for today’s inside information has to do with making money profits through tight inventory control.

Lots of sellers around the world are developing a fear about manufacturing products in China. There’s 2 points to take away:

1. Inventory control is absolutely vital. What some brands are doing is slowly raising their prices to slow down their sales because they don’t know how much more inventory they are going to get.

2. Due to the coronavirus, sellers are looking for alternative places to source products. India is a viable option to think about. Also Taiwan, Costa Rica, and Thailand are alternative options for sourcing products. Ultimately, the number one place for sellers to start thinking about is right here in the United States.

Thank you for watching AMZ Insider Info 3/6/20.

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