Instant Customer Service on Sunday Nights

Testimonial: Seller Called on Sunday Night, Chatted & Spoke with CJ

I reached out to their website on a Sunday night at about 10:30 with an inquiry via their LiveChat option. I fully expected my response to be answered by some sort of outsourced bot or response team that I would receive the generic, ‘We’ll get back to you in the morning. Please leave your number and email.’

Much to my surprise, my LiveChat was responded to within a minute by CJ, who was more than willing not only to speak to me via LiveChat but talk to me on the phone, which is amazing in this day and age because of the filtering system you have to go through to actually get a live human being.

It was extremely impressive to me to deal with this level of instant customer service, especially at 10:30 on a Sunday night. Being an Amazon seller, you sort of need that instant gratification as far as response goes when you’re having an issue that can be extremely frustrating to anybody.

The website was extremely user friendly and I was able to speak with CJ not only via LiveChat, but also on the phone for about 10 minutes. He was more than willing to help me out with any of my issues and his knowledge of the Amazon seller system exceeded my expectations.

I walked away from the phone call extremely happy with the outcome. Just the ability to communicate with him and have him give me a little bit of knowledge eased my mind about some of my rights as an Amazon seller, which was completely priceless (both literally and figuratively) because he didn’t charge me a penny for it.

I walked away with so much more knowledge from a 10 minute conversation on the phone with him and I feel more educated and ready to take on any future issues I might have as an Amazon seller.

I highly recommend this company – the ease of the website, the availability of the staff.. I would give this company 10 stars if I could. Thank you, CJ and any of the staff I may have to deal with in the future.

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