Inside Information From Amazon’s Staff In India: Amazon Delivery People

In this video, I will talk about amazon’s delivery department.

It seemed like it was solely the outside contractors. What he talked about, when the delivery drivers are running late or there’s a problem, they send emails to Amazon. Amazon uses that data to track traffic conditions and to also deal, almost simultaneously, with consumer complaints that their packages are either late or damaged.

We talked about the number of people working in this department, in this building. He said there were 1,000 different people working with the last mile delivery teams. He thought that there were approximately 5,000 people in India working on this, and he didn’t know the other locations. Now what struck me as odd, is that he didn’t know where the rest of his team members worked. The reason for that is that Amazon tends to keep their locations secret, which I also found odd. When I looked at the building twice, there were no signs, there was no Amazon smile, there was nothing there at all to indicate that is where Amazon staff was working.

He described the system as being almost entirely automated, but that it still needed 5,000 people to deal with the emails that were coming in. The real issue that he talked about, the thing that was really fascinating, was how Amazon deals with delivery drivers claiming to have been shortchanged by Amazon.

That’s how it was described. Drivers claiming to be shortchanged. When we talked about it more, the reason why it was described that way is Amazon doesn’t seem to recognize its own errors when it pays drivers or when it pays for deliveries. He said that maybe one in a thousand times, Amazon will agree with the driver. All the other times, they’ll make that driver jump through hoop after hoop, send repetitive emails to Amazon, just to get paid.

Here’s what I took away from this meeting with this young man:

Amazon staff is very Amazon-centric and opposed to third parties. To me, it meant third-party sellers and third-party service providers, like the delivery people that he works with. I think this is a theme that runs throughout Amazon’s organizations in India, where it’s Amazon-centric first, consumer-centric second, and vendors / sellers way down the list. Now, I know a lot of Amazon sellers already feel this way. I want to let you know that after speaking with Amazon staff in India, it seems to be entirely true. It doesn’t mean that Amazon doesn’t provide incredible opportunities for sellers all over the world, because it does. It certainly confirms that you need to be able to document every dollar that Amazon owes to you. You have to watch the FBA fees that you’re paying. Make sure you’re not being overcharged. Make sure that you can document exactly what you’re owed so that if you do have a dispute with Amazon, you can get your money paid to you.

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