The Increasing Problem of Used Sold As New on Amazon FBA

Amazon sellers are being suspended for selling alleged “used” items as new. This is a problem that is increasing every day, and it’s costing honest sellers a lot of money. In this video, we’ll discuss what’s going on with “used sold as new” complaints and what you can do if you’re accused.

There has been an increase in complaints against Amazon sellers for distributing sold products sold as new, as a result of returns sent to FBA fulfillment centers which are sent to consumers. In the past packages that were labeled incorrectly were receiving a larger percentage of complaints, while returns are now posing larger issues for sellers.

You can fight back against these complaints and get your seller account reinstated by submitting a Plan of Action to Amazon that includes;

  1. The root cause of the complaint being made
  2. Immediate corrective actions taken to remedy the issue
  3. Long-term changes to your business