Our seller sells a lot of liquidation inventory. He purchases approximately $45k worth of liquidation inventory per week. He runs 4 accounts and his main account got suspended.

This seller is working hard, making money, employing people, and is a savvy seller who purchases products from liquidators.

Amazon demanded an Intellectual Property Plan of Action within 72 hours explaining how he would prevent infringement going forward. They did not ask for invoices.

2 days later, Amazon suspended the account, demanding a Plan of Action for Used Sold as New and Not as Advertised Complaints with invoices.

Sellers face problems all the time. Externally, Amazon suspended the account. Internally, the seller had some other issues. One of the problems he faced as a seller is that he wanted somebody else to write his POA and look at the account. It turned out that while he was a fantastic business person, killing it financially and running multiple accounts at the same time, he wanted someone else to review his account and guide him through the process on how to write a POA and get his account back. That’s where Rosenbaum Famularo, PC came in.

The seller reached out to us and told us that he had liquidator invoices. When you have to submit your invoice to Amazon, you don’t want it to say ‘liquidator’ anywhere because they don’t provide details or a chain of commerce. Liquidator invoices usually say a name with a manifest attached; Amazon generally does not accept this because a manifest can be edited at any time by anyone.

When it came to helping this seller get back on line, our team worked together to investigate the issue. Our team worked collaboratively with the seller to resolve all issues. The process that we use to write the best possible Plan Of Action involves you; nobody knows your business as well as you do. You are involved every step of the way and are editing our drafts for your approval. We let you know where to submit the POA and what to expect.

Simple invoices sometimes get rejected but will get accepted upon a second submission. In this case, we did not get reinstated on the first appeal. On the second appeal, we provided the requested information and successfully got our client’s account reinstated.

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