How to Remove Hijackers from Your Amazon Listing – Bring Claims to Litigation

So if you’re a brand owner and you put your heart and soul into developing a product, developing a logo, your trademark, everything that your consumer receives when they buy a product from you, and then all of a sudden you have hijackers, you have counterfeiters, if it’s one or two or even half a dozen, the best way to get rid of them is using Amazon’s complaint system, and / or bring claims to litigation.

You first send a cease and desist request and hopefully they get off amicably.

We usually get 60% or more of the hijackers off of your listings with simply a cease and desist communication.

But if there are literally dozens or hundreds, then a mechanism that might be great for you is our litigation team. You start a lawsuit using what’s called a summons and complaint. They’re documents that you file in court.

The summons basically tells the other side that you are suing them.

They have a certain amount of days to respond to it. The complaint is a document where you lay out your claims. If you’re stopping counterfeiters and you’re stopping hijackers, your complaint’s going to be filed in a federal court.

The best court in the country to go to, because you’re going to want to get what’s called a temporary restraining order, is the Northern District of Illinois. It’s the federal courthouse in Chicago, because that court single-handedly issues more temporary restraining orders than all of the other courts in the United States when it comes to Amazon combined.

If you want to learn more about the possibility or the benefits of actually using the courts to stop hijackers, to stop counterfeiters, to protect your brand, to protect your consumers, to bring claims to litigation, contact us for a free consultation. We have an entire team devoted to litigation in behalf of Amazon sellers, both defending you and also when you need to and when it’s anticipated to result in a profit, representing you as plaintiffs bringing litigation.