Why Hiring U.S. Law Firms for Chinese Sellers Fighting Lawsuits is Worth it?

Today I’m going to talk to you about lawsuits that are filed against dozens, and often hundreds, of sellers at a time, where the lawsuit is mainly focused on sellers in China, but often sellers here in the United States are also in that group.

So number one, if you’re a seller in China, by simply hiring a US law firm and answering that litigation, you will stand out because the vast majority of sellers never respond.

I’ve had several judges tell me that none of the Chinese sellers respond to the lawsuits. So if you’re in China hire us to respond for you. That will set the stage for you being treated differently and you resolving your case.

If you’re a domestic seller, if you are a US-based seller, then it’s even easier to get you out of these cases because the courts are used to dealing with sellers who they deem flight risks, who they deem not to have assets in the United States, who they deem to be unworthy of the court’s consideration in terms of relying upon you to resolve the issues.

So that is a very powerful argument that we have made successfully to get domestic sellers out of the temporary restraining orders.

Chinese sellers fighting lawsuits – Submit your case now.

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