How to Fight Back After Receiving a False Counterfeit Complaint on Amazon

A very common issue for Amazon sellers is selling branded products where they’re getting the products directly from the brand or an authorized distributor, and yet somebody makes a complaint on Amazon that they’re selling counterfeit products.

This case was a huge victory by Briana and Kerry, two members of our paralegal team. They’re both remarkable in their own right. Our seller, in this particular case, got the benefit of both of them working on their speedy reactivation of their account.

Our client was purchasing goods directly from the brand, yet another seller claimed that the products were counterfeit.

How did we address this? First, we reached out to that other seller and requested a retraction of the complaint, because our products are entirely genuine. Now, our client has every right to go after that complainant, go after that seller who made a baseless counterfeit complaint, and they should do so if the damages are extensive.

Then, in the plan of action to Amazon, we showed Amazon that the products were entirely genuine and that they came directly from the manufacturer. We put it together with a concise, persuasive, well-written plan of action, and with the first swing at the plate, the seller is reactivated.

Now, will this seller proceed with going to court? Probably not. Almost always the damages are not extensive enough to warrant litigation, but if you’re one of those sellers who are doing 10, $20,000 a day or more, and your account is down for a week, you have now suffered six-figure damages and you might choose to go after whoever made that basis complaint in a court of law to recover your damages.

If you received a counterfeit complaint on Amazon and want to learn more about how to write your own plan of action, download the greatest book in the world on how to avoid Amazon suspensions and how to write great plans of action to get your accounts back.