Deckers Outdoor Corporation / Ugg Brand LAWSUIT AGAINST AMAZON SELLERS with Temporary Restraining Orders

A temporary restraining order has been filed on behalf of Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

The plaintiff is essentially asserting that numerous Amazon sellers are creating products that infringe on their intellectual property rights, specifically as it pertains to the UGG brand.

The way sellers receive notice of this lawsuit is typically by an email from Amazon, which will inform them that their money is currently being withheld due to an ongoing litigation. What they do is provide the plaintiff’s attorney’s contact information for you to reach out and resolve it accordingly.

What can be extremely frustrating for sellers is that it’s not just the money you’ve earned off the accused product that’s being withheld, it’s all of your funds on Amazon. Whether or not the accused product represents one percent of your sales proceeds, Amazon is going to withhold every cent you make until this litigation is resolved.

lawsuit against Amazon sellersIt’s extremely important to resolve this.

If you’ve also received this restraining order, there’s a good chance you’ll receive process service by way of an email, informing you that you have a time limitation in which you should respond to the court.

If you see this, it is highly advisable to go seek an attorney’s intervention right away and see the merits of the case. If your funds are withheld, if you have an obligation to respond to the courts.