Amazon Seller Breaking News: Clorox is attacking Amazon sellers to protect sales.

Clorox is making IP complaints against third-party sellers.

They are trying to protect every single sale even though the entire country needs their products right now. If third-party sellers have genuine Clorox products, you need to be super careful. They are making IP complaints against you.

Who cares that there’s a need for their products? Who cares that they’re genuine? Clorox is coming after you. If you receive one of their IP complaints, I want to know about it. Please call us 1-877-9-SELLER.

We want to beat back Clorox, keep your Amazon accounts open, keep your listings up, and I think most importantly, get those sanitizing products to consumers who need them to protect all of us.

Clorox, I think your complaints are entirely selfish. There is no reason why consumers cannot buy your products, when they’re genuine, from third-party sellers. So Amazon sellers, the takeaway? Clorox is after you. It is morally reprehensible that they’re doing this to protect their profits. If you have genuine products that you are delivering and you receive one of these complaints, call us now. I want to take on David versus Goliath, Us versus Them, Sellers verses Clorox. There is no reason for this huge company to be going after Amazon sellers.

Thank you for joining me for Amazon Sellers Lawyer Insider Information. This information about Clorox attacking Amazon sellers is more vital than ever before. If you have any questions, any concerns, leave a question for me. We are here for sellers, New York time, California time, seven days a week.

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