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Ty Louis Campbell FoundationAmazon sellers, this logo is for the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation, which was started by a buddy of mine, Lou Campbell & his awesome wife, Cindy after they lost their son Ty to an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because for a donation as low is $1, you can download our books helping Amazon sellers worldwide such as, The Amazon Sellers Guide to Trademark Law.

It’s crucial to register your trademark to protect your product/s from being infringed upon. Without registering the trademark, your ability to enforce your intellectual property rights is limited to your geographic area. In contrast, if you register with the USPTO, your trademark will be extended to the entirety of the US. This book focuses on informing sellers about protecting their brand and the steps that can be taken to prohibit infringers.

For $1, you can download our book, The Amazon Sellers Guide to Copyright Law.

This book focuses on teaching Amazon sellers about United States copyright law. It is important for sellers to know how to properly file a copyright and to understand under what conditions a copyright protects. Avoid problems before they arise by protecting your brand from the start. We’ve successfully reinstated thousands of accounts, obtained retractions of the vast majority of intellectual property complaints asserted against our clients, and resolved many issues with Amazon’s lawyers and staff in the US, India, Ireland, Costa Rica, and the United Kingdom.

For $1, you can download our book, The Amazon Sellers Guide to Chinese Intellectual Property Law, if you’re sourcing products in China. You need to know what your rights are over there.

The Amazon Sellers’ Guide to Chinese Intellectual Property Law focuses on informing Amazon sellers about protecting their brand from threats located in China and steps sellers can take to prohibit infringers. We discuss trademark and copyright law, the two primary ways to protect your brand around the world.

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