Brands & Companies VOLUNTARILY Retracting Baseless IP COMPLAINTS Asserted Against Amazon Sellers

What you need to know about Amazon & retracting baseless IP complaints right now. It’s good news for you.

When we win, you win. You just need to know how to do it.

We call these our ‘notable retractions’. These are companies, these are entities that over the last couple of days, have agreed to retract their Amazon complaint, their intellectual property right complaints against you.

I want you to know the brands that they are. CBS, PBS, the Public Broadcasting Station, and Green Pet Shop pet cooling pads.

I’m telling you this to make sure that you always have hope, that you know that the opportunities on Amazon are absolutely huge. The obstacles you face are like obstacles in any business, they are not all encompassing. Amazon provides you with great opportunities.

So even when the biggest companies in the world, like Lego, make IP complaints against you, you are not dead in the water. You have hope you can accomplish your goals.

Also, I want to let you know that Amazon is fine-tuning their retraction system.

Years ago, a complainant only needed to send an email to Amazon from the same email address from which the complaint was asserted, saying, “We hereby retract the complaint. We want to take the complaint back.” And it was done.

Later, Amazon changed that so that the retraction had to say the complaint was made in error. But that still caused problems because sometimes the verbiage was accepted, and sometimes it wasn’t.

Now, Amazon has a form that complainants must use in order to attract their complaints. This hasn’t been launched across the board yet, but we expect that it.

So when you receive an IP complaint, the first thing you want to do is review it. Was there an actual violation?

Then, seek a retraction. Add to it and make sure the retraction is done in Amazon’s form. Make sure it’s done so Amazon recognizes it and takes it off your account. And then you go back to a clean, safe Amazon-based business.

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