Join CJ Rosenbaum and Ashlin Hadden as they discuss insurance options for Amazon sellers.

Is your ecommerce business covered?

The only way to protect your business assets is to carry adequate business liability insurance. Protect your Amazon business today.

Amazon sellers are REQUIRED to have insurance. Any pro seller who doesn’t have insurance runs the risk of a suspension.

Learn what types of coverage sellers can have:

  • Product liability coverage
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Storage / inventory insurance
  • Private label brand protection

Ashlin Hadden Insurance

COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY: (This is the policy Amazon requires for all professional sellers)

Whether you need insurance for peace of mind or insurance to comply with Amazon’s requirements, you need an agent who knows your ecommerce business and what you need to be protected! Each online seller needs different protection depending on what you’re selling and how much you’re selling.