ASD market week testimonial for Amazon lawyer CJ Rosenbaum

“I met CJ – he was so amazing – he helped me a lot.”

Another great testimonial for Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, #1 law firm for Amazon sellers!

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CJ Rosenbaum and the team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer have written a total of 6 books:

Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions, Amazon Sellers’ Guide: Trademark Law, Amazon Sellers’ Guide: Copyright Law, Amazon Sellers’ Guide: Chinese Intellectual Property Law, Amazon Law Library: Volume 1, Your Guide to Selling Fashion on Amazon

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Book: Your Guide to Amazon SuspensionsBook: Amazon Sellers Guide - Trademark LawBook: Amazon Sellers Guide - Copyright LawBook: Amazon Sellers Guide - Chinese Intellectual Property LawBook: Amazon Law Library Vol.1Book: Your Guide to Selling Fashion on Amazon