Amazon’s Terms of Service for Sellers: Paragraph 13: Relationship of Parties

Section 13 goes to define the relationship between parties. There were no changes made to this segment. However, I’m still going to go ahead and define what it means for sellers.

So essentially, by entering into this service agreement, you are now engaging as an independent contractor.

You’re not employed by Amazon, you’re responsible for your own taxes, and you’re simply providing a service under a contract.

This segment explicitly states that there is no partnership created by the signing of this agreement, hence, two or more people entering into owning a company with the intention to share profits and authority.

It’s explicit you will have no authority to act on behalf of Amazon.

And finally it states it is non-exclusive. So the relationship you enter into with Amazon is one as an independent contractor, and that is the purpose of the clarification made in Section 13 of the BSA agreement.

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