Amazon Sellers Infringing, Hijacking & Manipulating Listings by Leaving False Complaints

Hi sellers. I’m Ashley & today I’m talking about a recent issue I was working on. Specifically, with a client who’s part of Amazon’s brand registry program and has their own trademark. They received a used sold as new complaint for one of their own listings.

After looking into the matter, we realized there was a lot of negative feedback on their account pertaining to this one. The feedback was all very similar messages saying that the product was defective, the product was not in the packaging, etc. So after reviewing a little bit more and speaking with our client, we realized that there was actually a competitor, another third-party seller, who left false negative feedback on our client’s account to jeopardize their account. Now, specifically, this third-party seller has also created multiple Amazon accounts and is leaving the feedback on our client’s account from all of these other Amazon accounts that this third-party seller has created.

Our client is definitely flustered and the competitor actually messaged our client through the buyer messaging system and notified our client of this behavior. So we’re currently working on the matter. We did mention the infringing third-party seller in the appeal for the used sold as new complaint, and Amazon did review it, removed this infringing seller off of the listing, and did reinstate the listing that our client created. However, our client is still experiencing this problem with a lot of their other listings and it’s super frustrating.

Our client is definitely looking more towards the arbitration process and even potential litigation against all of these sellers who might actually be the same individual seller.

It’s definitely a bit of a struggle for our client, but they’re just trying to work with our brand protection team to enforce their brands on the Amazon platform, remove any infringing sellers off the listings, and hopefully, this will work temporarily for now, but again, our client is definitely ready to take it further.

If you have any questions regarding brand protection or you’re experiencing a similar competitor hijacking your listings or leaving false complaints, feel free to reach out to us at 1-877-9-SELLER.