Amazon Sellers’ News 1/22/20 with CJ Rosenbaum: Used sold as new suspensions increasing, Late shipment complaints, Related AMZ seller accounts, Intellectual property rights complaints by VORYS law firm.

Used sold as new suspensions have increased over the past couple of days.

We think it is part of the returns going in post-Christmas where returns are going back into your inventory through the co-mingling system and they’re going back out to the consumers who are making legitimate used old as new but it’s not your fault – it’s Amazon’s issue. You know how hard it is to blame Amazon for anything. So keep an eye out for used sold as new issues on your account.

Late shipment complaints.

We know about a week ago that UPS had a tremendous problem with shipping where they fell behind and those complaints are also rolling in. It’s not necessarily solely because of UPS, but we are seeing late shipment complaints more than we normally see.

Intellectual property rights complaints.

Vorys is a law firm that sends out hundreds, if not thousands, of letters every single week is sending more and more letters threatening Amazon sellers with a bunch of baseless complaints. If you receive a Vorys letter, the only issue I think you need to be concerned about if you’re selling genuine products is an intentional interference with the contract. That occurs when you are aware that a brand has exclusive distribution agreements and then you continue to sell that product. That claim does have some validity. If you receive a Vorys letter, call us for advice on your particular product and the threats that Vorys has made to you. Also, you need to know, you do not have to give Vorys any information at all, regardless of what their letter says. They are not the police, they are not a court of law, and they could demand information, but you do not even have to respond.

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