Sellers Must Comply with Amazon’s NEW Business Verification Process to Avoid Problems

The Amazon business verification nightmare continues to roll on…. Thank goodness it is not as bad as we predicted when they changed the Business Solutions Agreement, and said that all sellers are going to be subject to business verifications.

Here’s what you need to know if Amazon wants you to verify your business:

You need to take all your documents, literally, this is what we recommend, print them all out, lay them all out on your dining room table, and look at each one and try and figure out where there is a discrepancy. Maybe your address is different between one document and another, maybe your name is spelled differently, maybe your middle initial is used on one document and it’s not on the other, maybe there are other differences in the email addresses on the documents, maybe the documents have different Amazon accounts on them because you’re running more than one account.

Here’s the point. Look at the documents with a fine tooth comb, find the discrepancies, and then address them if you’ve already sent them to Amazon, or get them fixed and only send in perfect documents that Amazon staff cannot poke any holes in. That’s how you can get past the business verification.

If you want to learn more about AMZ’s business verification process & how we can help you, you can submit your case online, you can call me, email me, and either me or a member of our client relations team will be back in touch with you. We try to be available to you seven days a week, 24 hours a day.