Amazon Sellers Lawyer Disputing & Settling Lawsuits

This is an actual case that we’re working on that we have resolved. It’s about an Amazon seller who got sued.

This particular Amazon seller is located in China, and they were accused of selling counterfeit products.

When the lawsuit was filed, they received a temporary restraining order that froze their business, it froze their money, it froze their inventory. AND, they demanded $15,000 to settle the case.

Our law firm was hired. We immediately put in a formal response to the lawsuit. Then, we took steps to dissolve that temporary restraining order, and the demand for $15,000. The case was settled for $1500.

So, if you are an Amazon seller and you have been sued, or your Amazon seller account has been frozen, contact me and my amazing team for a free consultation about settling lawsuits for you. I don’t believe there’s anybody else on earth who knows more about litigation, and especially with Amazon sellers, other than me.


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AMAZON LAWYER SUCCESS – Seller Reinstated. A seller was accused for selling pesticides after a wrong listing was made on Amazon.