Amazon Seller: Know Your Rights About Distribution Agreements

Amazon refuses to enforce the most exclusive distribution agreements, meaning an Amazon seller has many rights. In this video, I cover what you need to know about these agreements and how they can protect your Amazon business.

What is a buy box?

The buy box is a button which appears on Amazon product listings, which customers can utilize to directly purchase products. Sellers can become eligible for the buy box if Amazon views their listing as high quality, demonstrated by speed of delivery, customer shopping experience, price, experience as a seller, etc. When your listing wins the buy box button, it shows Amazon consumers that the platform has a preference for your product listing and helps gain customers.

What should I do if a brand places counterfeit complaints against my account?

If a brand files a counterfeit complaint against your seller account, and the accusation is baseless, you can take steps to prove this to Amazon. You should demonstrate that the product you have listed on Amazon is legitimate by supplying invoices that detail your supply chain and prove that your source was authorized. You can also help make a case to Amazon with evidence that there are no material differences in the product you are selling, including warranties and customer service.

Tell Amazon that the brand is making these complaints with the intention of preventing sellers from giving Amazon customers an option for better prices. The complaint concerns distribution agreements and Amazon does not enforce these contracts because they interfere with prioritization of the consumer.