Amazon Seller: Know Your Rights About Distribution Agreements

Amazon refuses to enforce the most exclusive distribution agreements, meaning an Amazon seller has many rights. In this video, I cover what you need to know about these agreements and how they can protect your Amazon business.

What is a buy box?

The buy box is a button which appears on Amazon product listings, which customers can utilize to directly purchase products. Sellers can become eligible for the buy box if Amazon views their listing as high quality, demonstrated by speed of delivery, customer shopping experience, price, experience as a seller, etc. When your listing wins the buy box button, it shows Amazon consumers that the platform has a preference for your product listing and helps gain customers.

What should I do if a brand places counterfeit complaints against my account?


Demonstrate to amazon staff that product is npt counterfeit – invoice supply chain

brand is preventing sellers from giving amazo consumers better prciing

amazon doesnt enforce distribution agremeents

More information for Amazon sellers about distribution agreements:

Unfortunately, we have seen a dramatic rise in dirty tricks used by unscrupulous Amazon sellers, brands, and rights owners.

We have seen a rise in sellers causing the suspension of other sellers’ Amazon accounts and Amazon listings. We have also seen a rise in brands asserting baseless intellectual property right complaints for the sole purpose of causing the suspension of sellers’ accounts and the suspension of Amazon listings. In my opinion, this is happening to eliminate competition and protect prices. Complaints about authorization agreements and distribution agreements have fallen on deaf ears at Amazon. This has made brands and sellers around the world more creative. The tactic they are now using is to suspend sellers’ accounts via a legitimate issue as they assert baseless intellectual property rights complaints.

How a Suspended Seller was Reinstated after Multiple IP Complaints

Recently we had a seller come into our office. He is a son who opened up a shop with his dad. They have been selling on Amazon for quite a few years with no issue. This business represents their livelihood; the father can support his wife, the son can provide for his family. There are a lot of people outside of just the father and son dynamic that depend on the income of this Amazon account. They received 14 intellectual property complaints which resulted in the suspension of their Amazon account.