We had an intake recently where a client had an ASIN block because of an issue with packaging. It was a ‘Used Sold As New’ complaint.

The seller had complaints regarding packaging prior to this – the packaging was not lasting through the shipping process and was damaged.

Our client figured that he would be proactive and paid money to have an extra layer of protection added to the packaging by shrink wrapping the items. The problem with this is that now the products were not in the original packaging from the manufacturer.

In Amazon’s eyes, the seller created a bigger problem. The buyers were suspicious because the items arrived in different packaging than what appeared on the website and therefore, they filed complaints that the items were used.

The items were in fact new; our client thought that he was doing something to help his customers and it ended up having a negative result.

The bottom line is: always keep products in the original manufacturer’s packaging.

If there is an issue with the packaging, speak with the manufacturer directly about changing the packaging, do not take it upon yourself to fix the problem. This is something all sellers need to learn in advance to help prevent a possible suspension.

Amazon Packaging Suspensions

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