Amazon Seller Litigation – The MOST COMMON Claim Sellers Face When Sued

If you are selling on Amazon, remember my name, CJ Rosenbaum,

The most common claim brought in court against an Amazon seller is a breach of contract.

Okay, Amazon sellers, so if you get sued or you’re being threatened with litigation, or you are considering suing against a vendor or a company that promised to help you sell products on Amazon or someone just didn’t deliver the services that you felt that you paid for, those claims will generally be brought under what’s called a breach of contract.

You had an agreement in place, there was some compensation paid for the services, but the services or the benefit was never received.

They broke their agreement, or they broke their contract with you. And that’s all breach of contract is. And so, if you have this issue where you’re fearful that some person or some company is going to sue you, or you feel that you made a deal, you paid good money and you didn’t get what you were expecting, chances are you will have a claim under the legal theory, what we call a cause of action for breach of contract.

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