New Developments for Amazon India

amazon crafted in india
Amazon India is expanding its reach by instructing sellers on how to sell their weavings and handmade goods online. The Development Commissioner Handloom of the Union Ministry of Textiles formulated a partnership with Amazon India. The team has already held workshops in Kota and Bargarh, with reps from both parties on board to teach weavers how to sell their unique items online.

Representatives from the Indian government state that the demand for handmade crafts has always been high in India and across the world. Government certifications such as India Handloom Brand and Handloom Mark will ensure product quality for consumers worldwide. These items will be sold under the new Crafted in India section of the Amazon marketplace, which was recently launched to help use the internet to spread India’s culture of handmade goods to shoppers everywhere.

jeff bezos amazon indiaJeff Bezos has altered the way Amazon infiltrates the market in India to better cater to this individual region of the world. The platform has set up a highly customized system with options that highlight the country’s culture and people, such as the Crafted in India section. They have also tuned into the country’s specific issues and avoided adding to those problems – for example, they have set up warehouses set up closer to each other to address the difficult traffic problems across the nation. Further examples of market customization in India include cash delivery options and pick up points throughout the area.

Additionally, Bezos stated that the expansion and new developments of Amazon India involve pioneering new trails in the country, whereas in the United States, Amazon needed to utilize and build upon what was already in existence. This includes roads, buildings, infrastructure and other modes of transportation, most of which must be built from the ground up when it comes to Amazon India and its new developments. Clearly, Amazon plans to further its immense success in this new market by utilizing innovative and highly customized methods for the unique culture.