Amazon Update: AMZ EXPANDING Their Seller Forums & Seller Support To The U.S.A.

What did Amazon launch in the UK about two years ago that it’s now bringing into the United States? An increase in seller forms where you can ask Amazon questions.

Watch this whole video if you want to learn more about this program.

Okay, Amazon sellers, so roughly two years ago, Amazon launched a beta version in the UK where sellers located in the UK could approach Amazon in what Amazon called an ‘entirely safe environment’ where the sellers could ask questions about their listings, about pictures, about verbiage, about products they could itself, and Amazon had promised not to use the information against the sellers who are reaching out to Amazon with these issues.

Now, maybe Amazon is not using the data against you. It certainly doesn’t seem to have harmed any sellers in the UK. Being the leader of the largest company, the largest firm in the world that helps Amazon sellers, I think we would’ve heard about it and we heard about zero sellers who were hurt.

Fast forward, Amazon is now bringing that system to the United States.

They are expanding the forum, they’re expanding seller support, so that you can reach out to Amazon and ask questions.

Now, I can’t promise you that your information and your request for help won’t be used against you. Beware, if you do give Amazon information, there’s nothing that prevents Amazon from using it against you. Your contract with Amazon does not provide you with that type of protection, so it might be used against you. Just don’t know yet…

I’m going to ask you to do something. Any seller who hears my voice, watches our video, if you have reached out to Amazon, whether you’re here in the United States or you’re over in the UK, and you received quality help, please let me know. I want to let sellers know if the program’s really good.

On the other hand, if you reached out to Amazon and you felt that Amazon used the information against you and you got hurt, please let me know. I’ll keep your information entirely confidential, but I will also generally update Amazon sellers as to whether or not they can / cannot trust this new Amazon system.