Amazon seller tools: 6 Tools Every Amazon Seller Should Have In Their Arsenal

To be a successful Amazon seller, you don’t necessarily need an extensive background in retail or ecommerce. Sure, you should have some business experience, but it’s okay if you don’t — so long as you have the right tools in place to help you.

Amazon seller toolsTools like product researchers, repricers and inventory management software can help set your business up for rapid growth — and that’s the end game, right?

To get there, consider these six must-haves for your Amazon arsenal:

1. PRODUCT RESEARCHERS: Sell Hot Ticket Items

If you’re just starting out on Amazon and don’t know what to sell, you could do extensive research on what’s in demand, or you could invest in a tool that will do this for you. Services like Jungle Scout, CPC Strategy, and will show you what products are selling well, which ones have less competition, which ones rank well, and more — allowing you to buy your inventory with confidence.

2. REPRICERS: Own the Buy Box

Want to increase your chances of winning — and keeping — the Buy Box? A first step to getting there is offering the best price. Rather than spending time researching your product’s price and sales histories on Amazon, use a repricer tool like RepricerExpress, Appeagle, or Seller Republic that will do the work for you. Not only will they help you set the best initial price, they’ll monitor price changes in real time so you can adjust accordingly without doing any of the work.

3. SHIPPING ASSISTANTS: Streamline Fulfillment

Getting orders is key to your storefront’s growth, but we’re willing to bet that fulfilling them is not your best use of time. Tools like, Refund Retriever, and Amazon FBA do the heavy lifting (even literally!) when it comes to getting your customers what they need, when they need it — and if there’s a delay in shipping, they’ll monitor that, too.

4. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: Say Goodbye to Amazon Stockouts

Going out of stock is one of the worst things that can happen to an Amazon seller — if you’ve been there, you know why. If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. To make sure you always have the right amount of inventory in hand, and to know when and how much you need to re-order, consult the help of an inventory management program like Teikametrics, Skubana, or even the inventory reports in Seller Central.


Not a numbers or spreadsheets person? That’s okay. You can monitor all of your numbers — from profits, sales and ROI to expenses and losses — with accounting help from AMZSuite, Expensify, or Quickbooks. It’s vital to keep track of this information, especially during tax season, and doing so can help save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

6. PAYABILITY: Get Daily Infusions of Cash

Did you have an unexpected surge in sales and run out of inventory before your next resupply order? Is your supplier running a one-day sale on inventory that you can’t pass up?

Do you suddenly need all these Amazon seller tools to help you run your business more efficiently?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you understand that running an Amazon business comes with its share of surprises — surprises that often require cash. But as an Amazon seller, cash isn’t always available when you need it. With a service like Payability, however, you’ll have daily access to cash to cover expenses, buy (and turn) inventory more quickly, and grow your business faster.

Payability is a financing company that advances 80% of your Amazon earnings the next business day after making a sale — for a 2% flat fee on gross sales. The remaining 20% stays in a reserve to cover returns and chargebacks and is released to the seller on Amazon’s regular 14 day payment schedule. Payability also offers a Customer Loyalty Program where customers enjoy lower fees and higher advance rates over time.

No more waiting two weeks or more for your income. If this sounds too good to be true, see how Amazon seller Jump City Toys grew their business with the help of Payability.

To learn how you can have the same success, visit or call (646) 494-8675. To find out how daily payments help sellers increase everything from inventory to positive feedback from customers, check out this Marketplace Pulse study.

Amazon seller tools - Victoria Sullivan - Marketing Manager - PayabilityVictoria Sullivan is a Marketing Manager at Payability.

She has over eight years of social media, copywriting and marketing experience. Prior to joining the Payability team, Victoria developed social media content and strategies for top technology brands such as Skype and Samsung. She holds a degree in Advertising from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

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