Amazon Seller Intellectual Property Right Complaint Suspensions, Liquidators & Seller vs Seller Attacks

Defending Sellers’ Rights

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, the law firm behind can assist you in discovering the issues within your seller account that caused your suspension.

We’ll provide a detailed analysis of your seller account, identify the underlying issues, and figure out how to address each of them before we complete your Plan of Action and get your account reinstated.

If you have received a baseless counterfeit complaint, if somebody else has alleged that you’re engaging in the trafficking of counterfeit goods, and in fact your product is truly genuine – you might have a cause of action for defamation. There may be some recourse you can use to justify and collect the damages that were caused by these harmful statements made by these complainants to a 3rd party, which have absolutely no merit or no truth to them.

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