Amazon Sellers News: Amazon Competitors Sending IP Complaints, Retail Arbitrage Suspension Prevention & Safety Complaints

So today we are seeing, again, an increase of intellectual property complaints being asserted against sellers’ accounts made from competitors or other sellers on the Amazon platform.

If you do receive a policy notification from Amazon and it does not look like a genuine rights owner email, I’d highly suggest you reach out to that email, request the authorization to use or assert the trademark of that brand. Or you can reach out to the brand themselves and see if they actually asserted the complaint against you.

If you are a retail arbitrage seller, you may want to try buying your products online rather than going to the stores and receiving the receipts.

We are seeing Amazon accepting online retail arbitrage invoices because these products actually have pictures of the actual product on the invoice. It makes it a little bit easier for Amazon to verify the products are authentic. So you may want to just try, if you usually buy in stores, try buying online, it may make your lives a little bit easier these holidays.

Last, I’d like to go over safety complaints.

So if you are an FBA seller, make sure that your products are actually sent to Amazon’s FBA center 105 days prior to their expiration date. So if your product gets to Amazon’s FBA center and it’s a hundred days prior to the expiration date, Amazon now has the right to take that inventory and put it to the side. They can suspend your listing and then you may have to request a removal order. So just to make it easier for you, make sure that your products are going to Amazon’s FBA center and are 105 days prior to their expiration date.

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