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Are you suspended on Amazon and received an email from Amazon alerting you about account suspension? The Amazon Sellers Lawyer Team will help with any Amazon Suspensions that an Amazon Seller encounters, we will help reinstate your Amazon Seller and FBA accounts while helping you avoid future account suspensions and violations.

We can create a plan of action (POA) for you and help reverse your account suspension. You can also speak to an attorney about the appeal process on Amazon and what steps can be taken to regain access to your Amazon account. Contact to speak to an attorney and start your POA process.

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CJ is an attorney who has helped thousands of sellers on Amazon with appeals for their account suspension. He also helps business owners and entrepreneurs when they want to make better business decisions.

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An attorney can help you reverse account suspension by guiding you through the appeal process with Amazon. Your deactivation doesn’t have to be permanent, let us help you regain access to your account on Amazon. We will create a plan of action to reactivate your Amazon Account.

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This website is for Amazon Sellers who want to protect their Amazon Accounts from suspension, trademark infringement, patent infringement, copyright infringement, and other factors that can cause account suspension with Amazon.

Amazon Sellers Lawyer has thousands of informative posts for Amazon Sellers who want to improve their Amazon Seller Accounts and reverse Account Suspension, visit our blog section and law library of information!

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We are the #1 law firm helping sellers with Amazon suspensions.

CJ Rosenbaum was quoted in all of the following media about Amazon Suspensions & Appeals: Forbes, CNBC, FOX Business, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, International Business Times, Daily Journal, The Seattle Times, The Denver Post, Tripwire, and Security Week.

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CJ Rosenbaum and the team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer have written a handful of books for online sellers to learn about Amazon Suspensions, brand protection, and intellectual property law in the USA & China. Amazon Sellers Lawyer is dedicated to helping Amazon Sellers increase their profits and avoid suspension. Check them out:

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Most importantly, the team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer is open to help with your Amazon business seven days a week. Our team is here to help Amazon Sellers with any account issues they might be having like account suspension and intellectual property violations. We are a group of attorneys focused on Amazon-related cases and we will produce a plan of action for suspended accounts seeking reinstatement.