Amazon Account Suspended?

Are you suspended on Amazon and received an email from Amazon alerting you about account suspension? Our law firm can review your account and the reasons for the suspension, and advise you on the steps you can take to appeal the suspension and possibly have your account reinstated.

Our law firm can also draft and submit an appeal letter on your behalf, which outlines the reasons why your account should be reinstated and provides any supporting evidence. We can also negotiate with Amazon on your behalf, and provide legal representation if necessary.

Additionally, our law firm can assist you with any legal issues that may arise from the suspension, such as breach of contract claims or infringement allegations. Our team is ready to handle all types of legal problems that might happen when dealing with Amazon.

Amazon’s appeals process can be time-consuming and complex. A lawyer can help you navigate the process more efficient and increase the likelihood of a successful appeal, which can result in faster reinstatement of your account. Speak to an attorney about your Amazon Account.

We can create a professional plan of action (POA) for you and help reverse your account suspension. You can also speak to an attorney about the appeal process on Amazon and what steps can be taken to regain access to your Amazon account. Submit your case and start your POA process.

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CJ is an attorney who has helped thousands of sellers on Amazon with appeals for their account suspension. He also helps business owners and entrepreneurs when they want to make better business decisions.

Thrasio Bankruptcy Cases

If your Amazon business or brand was affected by Thrasio’s bankruptcy, reach out to Amazon Sellers Lawyer for expert guidance. Whether your business was purchased by Thrasio or involved in any way.

Rosenbaum & Segall

Robert Segall & CJ Rosenbaum

An attorney can help you reverse account suspension by guiding you through the appeal process with Amazon. Your deactivation doesn’t have to be permanent, let us help you regain access to your account on Amazon. We will create a plan of action to reactivate your Amazon Account.

Review your account suspension notice: An Amazon attorney can help you understand why your account was suspended and identify any potential legal issues. Our lawyers will do a complete account overview.

Draft an appeal letter: An Amazon attorney can help you write a persuasive appeal letter that addresses the specific reasons for your suspension and demonstrates your commitment to compliance with Amazon’s policies.

Represent you in appeals and communications with Amazon: An Amazon attorney can communicate with Amazon on your behalf and represent you in the appeals process, including filing additional appeals if necessary.

Advise you on legal issues: An Amazon attorney can advise you on any legal issues related to your account suspensions, such as intellectual property infringement, product liability, or regulatory compliance.


Information for Amazon Sellers

Let's reinstate Amazon Accounts and reverse suspension!

This website is for Amazon Sellers who want to protect their Amazon Accounts from suspension, trademark infringement, patent infringement, copyright infringement, and other factors that can cause account suspension with Amazon.

Amazon Sellers Lawyer has thousands of informative posts for Amazon Sellers who want to improve their Amazon Seller Accounts and reverse Account Suspension, visit our blog section and law library of information!

To become an Amazon seller, you need to create an Amazon seller account and list your products on the platform. Once your products are listed, customers can browse and purchase them through Amazon’s website or mobile app.

As an Amazon seller, you are responsible for managing your inventory, shipping orders, and providing customer service.

Amazon provides various tools and resources to help sellers succeed, such as the Amazon Seller Central dashboard, which allows sellers to manage their inventory, track their sales, and access customer feedback.

Additionally, Amazon offers various programs and services, such as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which can help sellers store and ship their products more efficiently. Never neglect your account, always keep your account in good standing.

We Help Amazon Sellers With Account Suspension

We are the #1 law firm helping sellers with Amazon suspensions.

CJ Rosenbaum was quoted in all of the following media about Amazon Suspensions & Appeals: Forbes, CNBC, FOX Business, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, International Business Times, Daily Journal, The Seattle Times, The Denver Post, Tripwire, and Security Week.

CJ Rosenbaum has helped thousands of Amazon Sellers protect their intellectual property rights and respond to infringement claims.

This includes filing trademark or copyright applications, monitoring listings for infringing content, and enforcing the seller’s intellectual property rights through cease-and-desist letters or litigation. CJ is here to help your brand with suspensions, intellectual property issues, regulatory compliance issues, contract drafting/negotiating, and dispute resolution.

Amazon Seller Books

Recommended for Amazon Sellers

CJ Rosenbaum and the team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer have written a handful of books for online sellers to learn about Amazon Suspensions, brand protection, and intellectual property law in the USA & China. Amazon Sellers Lawyer is dedicated to helping Amazon Sellers increase their profits and avoid suspension. Check them out:

Protecting Amazon Sellers

The team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer is open to help with your Amazon business seven days a week. Our team is here to help Amazon Sellers with any account issues they might be having like account suspension and intellectual property violations. We are a group of attorneys focused on Amazon-related cases and we will produce a plan of action for suspended accounts seeking reinstatement.

Preventing suspension or termination: A lawyer can help sellers avoid account suspension or termination by providing legal advice on how to comply with Amazon’s policies and regulations. They can also help sellers respond to complaints, infringement claims, or customer feedback that may lead to account suspension.

Handling disputes with Amazon: A lawyer can represent Amazon sellers in negotiations or disputes with Amazon, including issues related to pricing, product quality, intellectual property, or customer feedback. They can also advise sellers on how to respond to warnings or notices from Amazon.

Drafting agreements and contracts: A lawyer can draft contracts and agreements for Amazon sellers, such as distribution agreements, license agreements, or supplier agreements. These documents can help sellers protect their interests and reduce the risk of legal disputes.

Intellectual property protection: A lawyer can help Amazon sellers protect their intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents, or copyrights, from infringement by third parties. They can also advise sellers on how to avoid infringing on the intellectual property rights of others.

Regulatory compliance: A lawyer can advise Amazon sellers on how to comply with local, state, or federal regulations that apply to their products or services, such as consumer protection laws, data privacy regulations, or import/export regulations.