Suspected IP Complaints & Trademark Violations for MLB & NBA Products on Amazon

So when it comes to sports, I was always awful. Okay. Now, what made matters worse is that my sister was a total jock. So why am I bringing this up? Why am I talking about sports, especially since I was such a spazz?

Major League Baseball, MLB, and the NBA. If you’re an Amazon seller and you’re selling products that have anything to do with Major League Baseball or the NBA, you better be super careful because we’re seeing more and more accounts getting dinged by complaints from these two organizations.

Now, it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. If you’re selling genuine MLB gear or genuine NBA gear, then you’re probably not violating anybody’s rights. We’d have to look at your case to make sure, but if you are improperly using their logos, their names, their trademarks, then you better be super careful. You better do with the knowledge of the risk versus reward.

The risks, they make a complaint against you and your whole business goes down. The reward, you might be making a boatload of money.

We’ve dealt with Major League Baseball, NBA, the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, we sue the Dallas Cowboys.

If you want to learn more about MLB & NBA IP complaints, copyright complaints, trademark complaints, contact us. You can get a boatload of information because we stand up for sellers against any one, any company, any entity. When you are right or wrong, we are here for Amazon sellers.