Brand Protection for Sellers – Removing Hijackers that Steal Your Sales on Amazon

Black-Owned Businesses

According to the 2021 census, there are about 124,551 Black-owned businesses in the United States. We can assume, many of those businesses have well-established brands. What we do not know is the percentage of those businesses who have Amazon seller accounts. If you happen to be one of the Black-owned businesses who owns a brand and is an Amazon seller, you will be happy to hear that our firm provides a robust brand protection service. It is one thing to have a brand, but it is another thing to have a brand protection team that can stand behind you and help you become an Amazon seller expert. Here we will show you exactly what it means to have your brand protected by us.

Brand Protection System

Being an Amazon seller can be tough, and as your business continues to grow, protecting your sales, and brand image becomes increasingly important. Our brand protection team scans your listings to ensure there aren’t any hijackers, infringers, or unauthorized sellers of your brand. Should we find any of the following we address them in the following ways. First, if we find out the seller is selling counterfeit versions of your product, we conduct a test buy and observe the differences between your product and the product in question. Once we fully confirm the product is counterfeit, we draft a strong cease and desist letter urging the seller to cease all sales of your product based on our findings. Second, we use the report infringement system on Brand registry. By doing this, we use Amazon’s system and the tools we have at our disposal to enforce your trademark and remove any seller who infringes on your brand. We protect Black owned brands, and we want you to feel comfortable knowing your brand is in good hands.

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