BREAKING NEWS: Return-to-Office Mandate is Set in Motion for ALL Amazon Employees POST-PANDEMIC

Stop the presses right now. Tony, of our insanely awesome paralegals just stopped me when I was shooting a video about something else, and he’s like, Amazon’s having TONS of hiccups, TONS of internal problems…

Tony thinks it’s because Amazon is requiring office workers to come back into its buildings & that might be causing some infrastructure issues shifting from home-work back into the office.

We don’t really know for sure, but if Tony says it probably has something to do with the return-to-office mandate, he’s probably right because he is a brilliant paralegal winning reinstatements for Amazon sellers daily. I would probably say every single day, Monday to Friday, and then some.

So if you’re writing to Amazon, the emails are getting kicked back, you’re not getting a response, you’re having some odd issue, this might be the cause of the problems over at Amazon. You have a lot of people shifting from working at home, going back into the office.

If you’re experiencing problems on Amazon that you can’t figure out on your own, contact us. Here for you: MON-FRI: 9am – 8pm, SAT & SUN: 10am – 6pm EST

Contact Tony Zhang, he will get on the phone with you, he’ll tell you insightful information. I can also tell you that if we’re not sure, we’ll also tell you that. So if you need help contact Tony. We’re here for Amazon sellers literally seven days a week, 365 days a year.


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