Suspended Amazon Sellers Reinstated after Safety Complaints

Thank you very much for joining us again for another success video, where you get to meet our team of paralegals and hear how we win cases. I have with me today two of our team members, Dana Rodriguez and Ashley Dipinto. They are both going to talk to you about safety cases that they won.

REINSTATED with our FIRST Plan of Action

Ashley Dipinto’s case was that a client sold used cellphones and received a safety complaint. This complaint consisted of a customer leaving feedback that their phone had sparked. With all the phones that the client sends out, he includes a 30-day warranty and a safety manual handbook that specifically says, “do not dismember any of the cellphones, could cause fire.”

The picture the consumer sent was a phone dismembered with the battery out. They didn’t contact our client until five months after they purchased the phone. In the POA, Ashley focused on the safety manual handbook, which goes along with all the purchases. The safety manual handbook was clear and she put that right in the POA. The seller was reinstated on the first try!

Dana Rodriguez’s safety suspension was about multiple customers receiving opened vitamins. In this case, customers were complaining that they were receiving vitamin cases that were opened. This client had reliable sources of the products and were also authentic.

Safety suspensions come from products that are sold on Amazon by all third party sellers. Our client was an FBA user. With the FBA, there is an Amazon repackaging program and if you do not disable that, then your returned items get put back into your inventory and are sent out to new customers. That is inevitably why he received those expired complaints. This seller was also reinstated on the first try.

As a FBA user, it is very important to opt out of Amazon repackaging. It is something that will always cause a safety complaint. It is also something kind of out of their control. We routinely advise Amazon sellers to opt out of Amazon’s warehouse people making the decision whether to restock your products or not.