How to Sell an Amazon Business – Corporations & Entities Sold – No Liabilities

If you’ve followed our advice on how to build a 6, 7, or 8 figure AMZ based business, you need to know a little bit about how to sell that business.

We represent Amazon sellers when they decide to sell their businesses. We don’t represent people in companies that are buying Amazon based businesses. We only represent businesses that are selling their Amazon based business.

When you are selling an Amazon based business, there’s two things I think you really need to know:

The first thing is how do you sell it logistically? Where do you list your business? The only online business broker we recommend is Empire Flippers. I’ve met the principals, I’ve represented the principals, and they do a great vetting process and have a huge portion of the marketplace. Empire Flippers is a brokerage company for online based businesses. They’re the only company we recommend.

Second, when you’re selling an AMZ based business, you can often get the benefit of actually selling your corporation or entity. Prior to Amazon businesses being sold, this rarely occurred because nobody would want to take on the responsibilities or the potential liabilities of your corporation. But in a lot of circumstances, the buyer of an Amazon based business is afraid to try and transfer the assets or the account because they’re afraid of getting caught by Amazon. When you sell an AMZ based business and you’re able to sell the corporation and get rid of all the potential liabilities, it is an absolutely great way to sell your business. You can walk away from that table, in many circumstances, with your check and zero ongoing liabilities.

If you’d like to learn more about how we help Amazon sellers transfer their interest in the business, contact us for a free consultation.