Business Lawyers Reviewing Contracts & Terms of Service for Amazon & eCommerce Sellers Worldwide

Whether it is starting your own business or maintaining an already established one, there are many obstacles that business owners may face.

Is your business thinking about getting involved with a new company that have terms of service you are unsure or uncomfortable with?

Did a brand you have distribution rights with send you a new document you’re not too sure of?

Wondering whether an Limited Liability Company (LLC), sole proprietorship, or corporation is the right option for the formation of your business?

Let us be your guide in breaking down each option for your specific situation.

At Rosenbaum, Famularo & Segall P.C., we have decades of experience in handling and reviewing business agreements from a variety of fields.

Our firm not only handles all of the issues related to Amazon, but we have an entire department dedicated to business law for sellers. We review countless contracts and can provide you insight into exactly what you can expect from an agreement.

Legal agreements tend to be cluttered with legal jargon that can be confusing and difficult to understand. As a business owner, you may not have the time to decipher each subsection of a contract. Let us do the hard work and spend your time where it is needed. Our firm will not only handle your agreements but will help prevent headaches for your business.

Our business law team understands the needs of ecommerce business, especially Amazon businesses.

We provide strategic advice to protect your business from common and easily avoidable issues on and off the Amazon platform. Don’t let your business fall victim to the ever-changing policies of Amazon, we can help!

Thinking about selling your profitable Amazon business? We can help facilitate the sale of your business so that you end up with walking away comfortable.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with legal agreements or are seeking to protect your business, our business lawyers have the expertise and tools to guide you.

Whether it is breaking down Amazon seller issues or helping get your funds or inventory returned through the process of arbitration, we are here to help. If you are unsure of the litigation process or whether your case is worthwhile to pursue, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation 1-877-9-SELLER.