How to Avoid Harassment From Red Points When They Send You Baseless Counterfeit Complaints

Don’t mess with our sellers. And today I’m going to be talking about trying to group Amazon sellers together to go after Red Points.

Okay, Amazon sellers, this is a company that engages in brand protection in a way that I think, is absolutely awful and amounts to the unauthorized practice of law. I think the principles should be put in jail. Lock them up.

So here’s the purpose of today’s video. If you are an Amazon seller and you received a false counterfeit complaint from Red Points, please contact me asap. We’re trying to put together a group of Amazon sellers because there is strength in numbers to go after Red Points in a big way.

Amazon sellers who’ve received a complaint from Red Points: If the counterfeit complaint was baseless, contact me right now, as soon as you watch this video. We want to group you together with other Amazon sellers and go after this company to protect you to make sure they never make any more complaints against you, and also potentially stop them from harassing sellers all over the world.


R.P. Filing False Counterfeit & IP Complaints Against AMZ Sellers

More sellers than normal are receiving letters telling them they can’t sell products. These companies often make a lot of claims that are totally baseless.