Filing a Demand for Arbitration Outlining Your Claims and WHY Amazon Should Release Your Inventory

If you feel that Amazon is stealing your money & inventory and you can’t get it back amicably with your plans of action, then the next step is arbitration against Amazon.

Arbitrations against Amazon start with what’s called a demand for arbitration that you file with the American Arbitration Association and that you serve, or you provide to Amazon through a particular address, that’s in the terms of service.

The demand for arbitration outlines your claims against Amazon. Why Amazon should be ordered to release your money. Why Amazon should be required to return your inventory or at least pay for it.

If you want to learn more about what a demand for arbitration looks like, and what it needs to say to get Amazon to release your inventory:


In your contract with Amazon, you give up the right to take Amazon to court, but what you gain is the ability to have disputes resolved through arbitration, which is faster & cheaper.

Amazon stipulates that all issues are to be resolved in arbitration. Despite that, a lot of the time, they’ll still try to avoid arbitration because they just want to remove the seller & try to keep their money. We’re here to not let that happen. Our team sends out a paper that says we demand to go to a hearing & arbitrate it. We work with sellers identifying what the issues are & make sure the arguments we make are persuasive.