Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer CJ Rosenbaum is Available to Meet Sellers on the East Coast

Since the Coronavirus is causing cancellation and/or limited attendance to large gatherings/events, CJ is willing to meet with sellers in smaller settings with less risk of virus contagion.

No flying, no huge halls, or large groups of people. Just simple, small gatherings in cities and towns where CJ can drive to or take the Amtrak to hold meetings with Amazon sellers on the East Coast.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to meet with Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer.

CJ Rosenbaum has over 20 years of experience working for the rights of entrepreneurs and has also served as the chair for a nationwide Employment Rights groups of lawyers. He helps Amazon sellers get their accounts reinstated, avoid account suspensions, and also defends false claims against these sellers.

Also, if you are near off road trails and want to join CJ and Max in some awesome trail riding…. CJ will meet you with his pick up truck and dirt bikes to speak with you one-on-one.

“When I’m not busy saving sellers and protecting private label brands, I’m out dirt biking with my 8 year old.”

dirt bikes dirt bikes

If you’re interested in meeting up with CJ in person, email us:

Amazon sellers face many challenges. Sellers’ accounts get suspended without notice and with recourse at the hands of the same company that put the seller out of business… usually temporarily.

Our law firm is the number one law firm or company that helps suspended Amazon sellers get their accounts and listings back. We are great at what we do for one reason: we have a fantastic team of college-educated people working together in our New York office.

If you’ve been suspended on Amazon or need advice on the best way to start an Amazon business, call for a FREE CONSULTATION: 1-877-9-SELLER.