NEWS TODAY: Amazon Being Accused of Violating Antitrust Laws & Exposing Your Information

If you want to learn to use Amazon for marketing purposes, you reach 300 million consumers, then you have got to hear John Lawson’s talk. And he’s going to teach you how to follow the path of using Amazon, not Amazon using you, but you using Amazon to market your products like never before. Breaking news. Amazon is again the subject of potential antitrust investigations.

Breaking News with CJ Rosenbaum

Okay, Amazon sellers. This process of Amazon being accused or investigated possibly for antitrust violations, it’s really not new. What’s new is that it’s coming up now in our Congress, but this has been percolating for years.

In fact, this is my partner, Anthony Famularo, and Anthony testified years ago before the California state legislature in Sacramento about Amazon’s policies, how they treat sellers, how they use your information, they use your money. So this has been percolating for a while.

Now, my personal opinion is that I think eventually Amazon will go the way of Ma Bell. Their market share is going to continue to increase and increase and increase, and eventually Amazon is going to upset enough powerful people and enough powerful companies that they will get broken up into regional companies just like Ma Bell did.

Many of you are much younger than I am, and you don’t know who Ma Bell is. Well, Ma Bell, there was one telephone company, one phone company for the entire country. And eventually, the United States government broke them up because they just upset so many people and so companies around the country with awful service, and they got broken up.

So, do I think this is imminent? Absolutely not. Do I think it’s going to happen over the next like 10, 15 years? A hundred percent. But for now, you are here to make money on Amazon, continue to sell your products, but stay abreast of what’s going on. And when it comes to voting, make sure you’re voting for people that are going to make decisions that are good for you and your business. You may want Amazon broken up. You may not want Amazon broken up.

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