AMAZON SELLERS LAWYER SUCCESS: Recently, we had a client who received two Used Sold as New ASIN suspensions. The seller’s account was still open, but they had to comply with a plan of action.

The client reached out and asked for our help. We went ahead and investigated the issue. We found that many of the complaints were regarding defective items or items with scratches. When we looked up the product conditions and the weight, we found that the weight of the products being shipped was quite heavy, even for a bulk shipment. We surmised that our client was receiving used sold as new complaints from his customers because the products were being damaged in the shipment from the supplier to our client. He needed to up his quality control practices.

After consulting with our client, we mentioned in our plan of action that our client overlooked inspecting one of the units. When ordering in bulk, it is possible to overlook a unit amidst all the products a seller receives. When the shipment originates from a wholesaler or a liquidator to the seller, the seller should inspect the products before sending them out to customers. Since our client had overlooked a unit, the listing was suspended by Amazon.

We addressed the problem in our plan of action, and further explained that our client was taking proper measures to audit their inventory more often.

The ASINs are now back up and running.

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