Taking Amazon to Arbitration When They Fail to Log in Your Products Resulting in Lost Inventory

If you’ve ever sent in pallets and Amazon has lost one or more of them, this video is for you.

Okay, Amazon sellers, so you’ve probably experienced when you’ve sent in inventory to Amazon, a pallet, five pallets, 50 pallets, whatever the amount is, and Amazon has failed to log in your inventory. And you know you labeled it right. Four sides, on top, palletized properly.

You may even have used one of Amazon’s partner couriers, where Amazon bears the risk as soon as they pick it up from your warehouse. And yet you’re missing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of inventory through no fault of your own and you can’t seem to get Amazon to give you credit for the inventory.

This type of case is absolutely prime for the dispute resolution in your contract with Amazon, and that is binding arbitration.

So all the arbitrations for all the Amazon’s sellers against Amazon go through a company called the American Arbitration Association. So you’re now missing thousands of dollars worth of inventory and Amazon’s responsible for it. You can’t get them to credit you so you file for arbitration.

The arbitration is going to do a couple of things for you. Number one, it’s going to take the issues at hand outside of Seller Support, outside of Jassy, outside of the people at the Jeff email, and it’s going to put you in front of two teams. One is Amazon’s outside counsel. They use a law firm called Davis Wright Tremaine and they have a lot of smart lawyers working for them, and we work things out with them. We also fight each other really hard. So they’re good lawyers and you’re going to get the issues in front of very smart, educated people.

When you’re right and you got the goods and Amazon really screwed up, a lot of times these cases resolve. But if it doesn’t resolve, eventually your case will end up at a hearing where we will present pictures and evidence and witness testimony, we’ll cross examine Amazon’s witnesses and really tear up their documents, and you’ll get a decision from someone who does not work for Amazon, an independent arbitrator.

The arbitrators are usually retired judges, semi-retired lawyers, retired lawyers, or lawyers who have made arbitration part of their practice. And I got to tell you something, more often than not, either the case is settled in a way that’s advantageous for you or we’re getting a decision that is favorable and you are getting your money back from Amazon.

So if they’ve lost one pallet or five pallets of your inventory, you don’t have to absorb that loss. You can take Amazon to arbitration.