Sourcing Your Products? Demand DETAILED Invoices From Your Suppliers

We’re seeing a tremendous increase in the number of calls we’re getting from Amazon sellers who are having problems getting good invoices from the sources of their products, their suppliers, because Amazon is calling the sources, calling the wholesalers more & more & more, and Amazon is seemingly frightening them into refusing to cooperate with you.

So I’m all about finding solutions. As Amazon changes, we change our strategies over and over and over again, and having the largest practice in the world helping Amazon sellers with plans of action, with IP complaints, and arbitrations and litigation, and all the ways that we help sellers. We tend to see the trends faster than anybody. So this is a trend you need to know about.

What can you do? Number one, when you are getting your products from your source, that is the time to get the best invoice possible, the most detailed invoice possible. You can watch other videos that are solely addressed on what you should look for when you’re getting an invoice from your supplier here.

But that’s the time to get it, because if you’re placed in the position of having to go back to that source of products and ask for a better invoice, a lot of them are telling you, “No.” A lot of them are telling you to go pound salt, because they don’t want to be involved, because Amazon is reaching out to them and they are fearful that the manufacturers will stop selling to them, because they’re selling to you and you’re selling on Amazon.

So here is the takeaway from today’s video… Get the best possible invoice you can when you are sourcing your products because we’re seeing sellers having a harder & harder time getting better invoices when they need them after suspension comes in.

If you want to talk about this issue or any other issue that you’re facing, contact us. We’re here for sellers seven days a week.