Learn About Patent Issues on Amazon for Sellers Worldwide – Protect Your Products TODAY

You want to make a boatload of money by identifying and selling the next fidget spinner? This video is for you, but it has to do with patent issues.

Okay, what are the patent issues on Amazon? Well, what happens, more than you would think, is that Amazon sellers just like you go to factories, go to trade shows, like ASD in Las Vegas, Global Sources in Hong Kong, and you find a product and you think it’s absolutely going to crush it. S you’ll order a truckload of it, a massive amount, you double down on that product.

Then when you start to sell your product, all of a sudden, you receive a patent complaint.

You can’t trust Alibaba. Okay? You just can’t. It also doesn’t take a whole lot of time, or a whole lot of money if you want us to do it, to look at a product. Check the USPTO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and then get an opinion, say, “Hey, does this product look all right? Should I expect a patent violation, a patent complainant, if I start selling this product?”

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