Selling Genuine Products & Still Receiving Inauthentic Complaints? Bring Claims to Litigation

Amazon sellers, I want Nike to just stop doing it. Nike stop making complaints against Amazon sellers when they are selling genuine products.

So if you’re a child of the seventies, eighties, even the nineties and Nikes, Just Do It commercial and you grew up wanting Air Jordans, wearing Air Jordans, I want you to stop. Never buy another Nike product again as long as Nike continues to make complaints against Amazon sellers.

We’ve even seen Nike go to court and get secret orders against Amazon sellers, temporary restraining orders, before the Amazon seller even had the chance to show Amazon/Nike that their products are genuine and that the order is misplaced. If you’re an Amazon seller and you’ve ever suffered a restraining order being issued against your Amazon account, your money being frozen, your inventory being frozen, you know that the email from Amazon comes out of nowhere and that alerts you to the litigation.

Most of these cases are out of the Northern District of Illinois. That’s the Federal Courthouse in Chicago. Other hotbeds of this type of litigation are the Southern District of New York, Michigan, California and the Southern District of Florida.

If you have been victimized by an order freezing your inventory, you have rights. You absolutely have rights. You can go back to that court and say, Judge, take this order away. The Nike sales are only this much of my total sales. I’m not harming Nike at all or hey Judge, my products are entirely genuine and you should never have frozen my account. And if you convince that Judge, that the order never should have been issued against you, you can go after the brand for your damages. You can go after the brand for your attorney’s fees. You can also do this if the case is voluntarily discontinued against you. Most people don’t know this type of stuff but we are a law firm that focuses exclusively on Amazon sellers.

So if you have any issue at all that you’re facing, that has something to do with Amazon, call us for a free consultation. You need to protect your brand or your private label on Amazon. This is Rob and Sean. They do a great job protecting brands on Amazon. They do it the right way. Amazon’s been keeping your money or not paying for inventory, it claims it lost. We take Amazon to arbitration. This is Ashley. She is a remarkable paralegal on our arbitration team. If you are receiving inauthentic complaints on Amazon wrongfully, contact us. If we could help you help yourselves, we’ll do it, or you can hire us to address whatever issue you’re facing. If we think we can be successful, I will personally offer to help you.