Kicked Off of Amazon for a FALSE Copyright Complaint? Learn How to Get IP Complaints Retracted

If you’re selling products that are rather generic in nature and there are private label owners making complaints about you, this video is for you.

Another huge win by Briana from our team of paralegals. She’s absolutely awesome. Here are some of the videos she’s created to educate you on the issues that she’s addressed. She reported to me a great victory for an Amazon seller who was selling a product that was rather generic in nature. This other seller started putting their private label on the product without any real changes to the product, and then submitted a copyright complaint to Amazon knocking our seller out of the box.

So seller reaches out, they speak to our killer client relations team, Marisol, Jen, and Nicole. We take on the case because we think we can win. So what do we do? We submit to Amazon what’s called prior art. So what does that mean? That means that the product existed before they filed for their copyright protection. They didn’t do anything new.

It was already in the marketplace. By pointing this out to Amazon, guess what? Our seller was reinstated. You can use the same tactic to go back to the complainant and say, Hey, retract your complaint because your filing with the United States government is invalid because it existed before you’ve filed it. You really don’t own it. That is often great leverage to get a complaint retracted.

In this particular case, Briana decided to go straight to Amazon and she knocked it out of the ballpark with the very first plan of action she submitted. Our seller who previously received a false copyright complaint has been reinstated, is making money in Q4 of 2021.