Inside Information From Amazon’s Staff In India: Procedures for Editing Amazon’s Staff Scripts

There are teams for seller support, seller performance, for dealing with Amazon vendors, for dealing with last-mile delivery for independent contractors, intellectual property rights are the MPA team. There’s just tons and tons of teams in India that deal with a plethora of issues for Amazon sellers. Each one of those teams has a script that they have to follow and they’re also allowed to use their independent judgment to see whether or not the seller, the vendor, the driver, fulfilled the requirements under the script.

There’s always a subjective component and there are also objective components. Now, what I learned from speaking with three different people, on a certain team, is how their scripts get changed and updated.

What happens is the people, the boots on the ground for any particular team, if they realize there’s a better way of doing something, or another question that should be asked, or another document that should be requested, they then give that information to their auditing team. Each team, seller support, seller performance, MPA, DP, whatever the teams are, have their own auditing team and those suggestions go to the auditing team. I don’t know how often but every once in awhile the auditing team then submits a report to a higher level auditing team that’s responsible for looking at all of the audits from the various teams. If they approve, then Amazon’s staff scripts get changed. They then get passed right back down through the chain of command.

This is how Amazon continuously updates the scripts and what makes your jobs and my job that much more difficult since Amazon does not update sellers as to how their scripts have changed. So this is how Amazon updates what it’s looking for in plans of action, intellectual property rights issues, and delivery issues. That the teams pass ideas up, those auditing teams pass them up to another level, who then decides whether or not to update the scripts.

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