How do you Pick an Arbitrator to hear the Case?

If you’re a smaller business and have an issue with Amazon, you may need to take them to arbitration. In this video, we’ll explain how to pick an arbitrator and what you can expect during the process.

What does an Arbitrator do?

An arbitrator is an individual or group responsible for helping opposing parties settle their issues in a less formal setting, outside of the courtroom. Typically arbitrator roles are assumed by lawyers, business professionals, and experienced judges who have now retired. Arbitrators are tasked with awarding a decision based on the merits of evidence and testimony from the opposing parties, though this decision is not always legally binding. As a seller on Amazon, your seller contract with the channel relinquishes your rights to take Amazon to court, but you can handle disputes through arbitration which is a quicker and less costly alternative.

How should you pick an Arbitrator? 

When deciding on an Arbitrator for your case against Amazon, both you and Amazon will be responsible for developing a list of potential candidates to choose from. When creating your list of choices as a smaller business owner, it is important that you conduct research on all of your options for this position and seek arbitrators who have experience handling issues for small businesses like yourself. Amazon is expected to develop a list of choices that includes lawyers who typically work for big businesses, and most likely have a history of working with Amazon, in order to give them the best chance of success against your business in arbitration. Both you and Amazon will submit your choices for an arbitrator, and typically a mutually compromising option will be chosen.