$25,000 Drop Shipping Scams & How Amazon Drop Shippers Source Products

If you’re an Amazon seller and you’re drop shipping, be super careful because Amazon’s rules are so strict when it comes to drop shipping that you can’t farm it out to other people and not keep your hands on it. You certainly don’t want to send anybody $25,000 to create an account that you can create for free.

If you are looking for quick easy money, no involvement, and you think Amazon is the path, you are wrong. Thousands, hundreds of thousands, probably millions of Amazon sellers will tell you selling on Amazon successfully is a lot of work. You have to make sure you’re sourcing properly and have documentation. You have to make sure you’re avoiding intellectual property right complaints.

You have to make sure if you’re selling a private label product, that your product is high quality and sourced from the right place. You want to diversify your sourcing. Yes, get products manufactured in China, but also look to India. The India sourcing trip, for example, is a tremendous way of sourcing products in India. Also, look at Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, look at alternative sources of your products. Costa Rica is a great place to source product.

If you’re an Amazon seller, we are here with you. Amazon sellers know selling on Amazon is challenging. It is rewarding, but difficult. AMZ has given you great opportunities, but also, the system is far from perfect.

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