How to Fight Back When You Have Been FALSELY Accused of Selling Counterfeit Products

If you want to know when counterfeit complaints are baseless, watch this video.

Okay, Amazon sellers. So, counterfeit complaints are really easy for brands, rights owners, and brand managers to assert, even when they are entirely baseless, have no merit, nothing to support it. But they’re really easy to make because Amazon has it on the drop-down, and it’s like the first choice.

So, this is probably the main reason why brands, large and small, make so many counterfeit complaints against you, even though your products are entirely genuine. So, how do we win these cases, every single week? Well, number one, you have to be able to show that the counterfeit complaint was false. You do this with great invoices. You can even do this from time to time, by showing the product itself is genuine, in those cases where you just can’t reveal your source of the products. And many of you cannot reveal the source of your products, where you’re going to get that wholesaler, or that friend, or that business relationship, in a lot of hot water.

If you’ve been accused of selling counterfeit products and your products are genuine, they have opened themselves up to your claims of defamation, and interference with your contract with Amazon.

Defamation means they accuse you of a crime. And you know what? Selling counterfeit products is a crime that could put you in jail for over a year. It could subject you to fines of over a $1,000,000. So yeah, you have a claim for defamation, when you’ve been falsely accused of selling counterfeit products. The second legal claim that you can use as leverage to persuade these people, to retract the complaint, is intentional interference, or negligent interference with your contract with Amazon.

Now, they’re making a complaint on Amazon, and therefore they know you have a contract to sell on Amazon. So when their complaint is false, when the complaint is baseless, you have a legal claim against that brand, brand manager, or whoever else made that claim against you, for tortious interference with your contract with Amazon.

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