AMZ Seller Insider Information: Instantaneous suspended Amazon listing reinstatement & Brands retracting intellectual property complaints faster.

Instantaneous suspended listing reinstatement.

First great news for sellers, this is what you need to know about today. Seller suspensions, practically instantaneous suspended Amazon listing reinstatement, and the release of your money. Over the last week or so, and I wanted to wait so I knew it was a trend, our listing plan of actions are winning and getting almost instantaneous reinstatement and the release of your money. For now, forget about Amazon holding your money for 90 days, using your capital to fund itself. Listing reinstatements are being won faster than ever and immediate cash distributions of your hard earned money. It’s great news for sellers that this has happening.

Brands retracting intellectual property complaints faster.

Second huge, good news for sellers. Now, many of you have received intellectual property right complaints, which are also called rights owner complaints. The vast majority are baseless. The good news for sellers is that we are seeing brands all over the country retract their complaints faster and easier than ever. Now, there are two ways to get them. One, to address the brand nicely, explain that you’re not violating their rights, go through the intellectual properties, what we do, and professionally and courteously seek a retraction. If that doesn’t work, then you can go nuclear and explain to that brand that you have rights too, and you’re not going to take this lying down, that you can actually sue them. You can actually make complaints against their brand on Amazon, and they are at significant risk.

What we’re seeing now, and this is the great news, that more and more brands are simply retracting their complaints with our first letter to them explaining how you’re selling genuine products and you’re not violating their rights at all.

This is really, really great news for sellers. It is always best to get the retraction as quickly as possible. It’s always best to explain why you’re not violating anybody’s intellectual property rights.

I am proud of our team that deals with this.

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